Tuesday, January 11

Find and backup GPOs applied to your Citrix Servers

1) Run GPRESULT on any of the Citrix / Terminal Server you want to backup GPOs from. Result will be something like below depending on your setup:

Applied Group Policy Objects
  • Policy 1
  • Admin Policy
  • IE6.1 Policy
  • User Policy
  • WSUS Policy
  • Default Domain Policy

2) Copy these policy names for further reference

3) Make sure you have the GPMC installed on your domain PC used to backup the GPOs

4) The GPMC by default has some scripts that allows you to do some admin stuff with the GPOs, for instance, copy GPO from one domain to another, backup all GPOs or backup selective GPOs to be used in your test lab etc. etc.

5) I created a batch file to execute this script BackupGPO.wsf to backup some selective GPOs for my test lab. The syntax for this script is written there in the wsf itself:
Example: BackupGPO.wsf TestGPO c:\GPO-Backups /comment:"Weekly backup"

@echo off


Cd C:\Program Files\GPMC\Scripts

BackupGPO.wsf "Policy 1" Destination_folder /comment:"any_comment_you_like"

BackupGPO.wsf "Admin Policy" Destination_folder /comment:"your_comments"

6) It will backed up both the group policies according to their unique ID in the destination folder

7) Same way you can use DumpGPOInfo.wsf to get the unique ID of the selective group policy

C:\Program Files\GPMC\Scripts\BackupGPO.wsf "Policy 1" /domain >”Destination_folder\Policy1.txt”

You are done!!!