Saturday, September 29

Query Services for "Log On As" info

I needed to find if there is any service running with a service account on the Citrix servers and this script helped me on Windows 2000 & 2003 servers (ofcourse not my work, posting here for records)

Option Explicit ' force varibales to be declaired
' declair constant variables
Const FOR_READING = 1 ' declair OpenTextFile variables
Const FOR_WRITE = 2 ' declair OpenTextFile variables
Const FOR_APPENDING = 8 ' declair OpenTextFile variables

Query Scheduled Task

Recently I was required to audit a mix of Citrix farms for all scheduled task & find service accounts if was used any. I found this script after googling that helped me complete my task:
@echo off
:: delete results.csv
del results.csv