Saturday, April 7

Citrix STOP & START scripts


Client couldn't change Citrix scheduled reboot to match with the Patching window and hence we were looking out for an option that would not only notify the connected users to logoff, that will first disable the logon and then notify the users and then logoff their sessions after 15 mins (3 reminders after every 5 mins).

Friday, April 6

IMA password reset

IMA Database password reset: ...just to keep it handy ;)


dsmaint config /user:ABCDomain\administrator /pwd:Password 
/dsn:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn"

Tech Toolz: The Citrix XTE Server service terminated with serv...

Tech Toolz: The Citrix XTE Server service terminated with serv...: - no network issue - no License Issue - no permissions issue Just replaced C:\Program Files\Citrix\XTE\Conf\httpd.conf from the work...

*****Just found another interesting fact:

I just finished XA 6.5 installation in my test lab with everything installed on one server only...I faced same issue and this time there was no other working server since it was a single server farm. It forced me to think and I decided to read the content of HTTPD.CONF file and surprisingly I found that the XTE path was pointing to C:\Program Files(x86)\Citrix\Secure gateway\ and when I replaced "Secure gateway\" from the path to make it C:\Program Files(x86)\Citrix\XTE & changed same path in registry also HKLM\Software\Wow64\Citrix\xteconfig\xte then everything works fine...

Looks like CSG installation post XA installation overwritten the XTE path.

Thursday, April 5

Application Publishing | some imp questions to keep handy

-  Are any of these applications CPU and memory intensive ?
-  Maximum number of sessions that would be connecting concurrently, at a specific point in time (maximum number)
-  What is the CPU and memory usage for each application (If it is not known, please provide the software and we will install in on the beta servers and ask users to test amd see for ourselves)
-  Do these applications require licenses?
-  Are they designed to run over terminal servers (we can install and find this out if you provide them)
-  Will the application require connectivity to databases (SQL / Oracle) ?
-  Will this application require connectivity to application servers on specific ports?
-  Are users new or existing ?  Is this a new site coming up that requires access to Citrix farm?
-  User location ?
-  Base OS of user workstations?
-  Installation steps, media, configurations (if an special configurations are required as part of install) ?