Wednesday, November 23

Check server's resource utilization remotely using CLI

For Active Sessions:

typeperf "\\servername\Terminal Services\Active Sessions"

For Processor time:

typeperf "\\servername\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"

Saturday, November 12

Session Printers in XenApp 6.5

This task divided into 3 parts:

1. Install Native printer driver
2. Replicate native printer driver using Powershell
3. Create session policy

Friday, November 4

The Citrix XTE Server service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)

- no network issue
- no License Issue
- no permissions issue

Just replaced C:\Program Files\Citrix\XTE\Conf\httpd.conf from the working server and restarted the service without any issue.

Thursday, November 3

List servers and folders from Citrix console

Execute this with CScript if it is not your default script host:

Set theFarm = CreateObject("MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm")
thefarm.Initialize 1

Sub getServers(folderDN)
Set srvFolder = CreateObject("MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFolder")
srvFolder.Initialize 13, folderDN

For each server in srvFolder.SrvFolder.Servers
wscript.echo server.ServerName

For each folder in srvFolder.SubFolders

wscript.echo folder.FolderName
End Sub